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From the Jungle to the Sea

Underwater inspired clay sculptures and wall art.

A Master class with visiting Argentine Artist: Cecilia Nigro

With 20 years dedicated to honing her expertise in the art of ceramics, accomplished Argentine visual artist Cecilia Nigro visits Arts warehouse in Delray, FL, to conduct a workshop on ceramic sculpture.

Join the half day program to delve into the intricacies of working with clay, mastering the process of crafting a piece from its inception, and acquiring the skill to seamlessly translate conceptual ideas into tangible forms.


Cecilia Nigro is a visiting artist featured in the upcoming exhibition  “In-Situ” opening May 3, 2024. She brings her recent inspirations from the Argentina jungle to the ocean village Delray Beach FL. This is a one of kind chance to learn her unique process and artistic approach at Arts Warehouse. Great opportunity for professional artists continuing their hand-building skills, and beginner clay students alike.


Cecilia invites you to explore her remarkable work and learn the art of hand building. Uncover the secrets behind her distinctive artistic style and gain practical experience as she walks you through the creative process.


What to expect

You will share a full working session headed by argentine visual artist that focus her producción mainly in ceramics.

The Sessions are planed to teach How to think and créate a wall *or table* sculpture made entirely by you.


Welcome talk. 

_ Meet the artist. 

_ Meet the material

_ The creative process:  thinking and boceting your Design on paper

_ Hands on, working on your project

_ Finish the piece / painting and preparing for the kiln

_ Your work will be fired after it dries and you will be able to pick it up a couple of weeks later.

Some insights:


Location: Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach, FL

Date: Sat. April 20, 1-5PM


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